Component part of a rock
Andesite lava and rhyolite lava: Andesite lava component
Rock type
Is a component part of
Label"Andesite lava and rhyolite lava: Andesite lava component" language=en 
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bgsiekBGS RCS Component Rank
bgsienBGS RCS Named Rock
bgsiepBGS RCS Rock Component
bgsrBGS Schemas
bgsreBGS RCS Earth Material Classes
bgsrgBGS Geochronology
bgsrlBGS Lexicon of Named Rock Units
bgsrmBGS 1:625 000 Digital Geological Map
dctDublin Core terms
rdfResource Description Framework
rdfsResource Description Framework - Schema
skosSimple Knowledge Organization System
xsdXML Schema Data Type