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Lithodemic Tectono-metamorphic
Identifier"" language=en 
Comment"Predominantly single-class mappable units whose original character and/or setting has been modified substantially by deformation and/or metamorphism such that they cannot now be classified as, or linked to, a formally recognised lithostratigraphical unit or intrusive unit. Includes intensely deformed units such as fault rocks, shear zones, cataclasites, mylonites and impactites. E.g. An Cnoc Quartzite Lens; Newtown Harzburgite Layer; Glen Trail Amphibolite Train; Glen Ordie Metasedimentary Parcel; Strathy Gneiss Package; Menai Assemblage. Formal or Informal." language=en 
Label"Lithodemic Tectono-metamorphic" language=en 
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