BGS Lexicon - Named Rock Unit
Head Gravel [Not Recommended: Use Head]
Definition status
Formality"FORMAL" datatype=xsd:string 
Lithology component
Lithology description"Polymict deposit derived locally from older gravel-rich deposits. Formed mostly by periglacial solifluction/gelifluction but may include hillwash or soil creep (usually termed "colluvium"). [Generic description]. Essentially comprises gravel with subordinate sand and clay depending on upslope source and distance from source. [Description from East Anglian data]. Specifically a bedded limestone gravel in the Moreton-in-Marsh area. [Description from academic papers and BGS Memoirs]." language=en 
Oldest age
Predominant age
Revision number"0" datatype=xsd:integer 
Rock unit rank
Shape type
Youngest age
Onshore or offshore?
Identifier"" language=en 
Label"Head Gravel [Not Recommended: Use Head]" language=en 
Alternate label"HEG" language=en 
Is in scheme
Preferred label"Head Gravel [Not Recommended: Use Head]" language=en 

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