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Ringsbury Spiculite Member
Definition status
Formality"INFORMAL" datatype=xsd:string 
Geographical distribution"Area between Purton and Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire. Pinches out laterally into undifferentiated Hazelbuty Bryan Formation. May be lateral equivalent of the Arngrove Spiculite Member of the Kingston Formation of east Oxfordshire." language=en 
Lithology component
Lithology description"Pale grey to brownish grey sandstone, mainly composed of abundant siliceous spicules of Rhaxella perforata (tetractinellid sponge), with scattered ferruginous ooids. Notably low density (highly porous?). Weathers in soil to angular blocks" language=en 
Lower boundary definition"Base is a change up from interbedded yellowish fine quartz sand, clayey in parts and locally cemented into calcareous sandstone, and sandy mudstone of undifferentiated Hazelbury Bryan Formation into grey sandstone with siliceous sponge spicules of the Ringsbury Spiculite Member." language=en 
Obsolete equivalent
Oldest age
Predominant age
Revision number"0" datatype=xsd:integer 
Rock unit rank
Shape type
Source information
Thickness description"0 to 6m" language=en 
Unit class
Upper boundary definition"The top is a change up from grey sandstone with siliceous sponge spicules of Ringsbury Spiculite Member, into interbedded yellowish fine quartz, calcareous sandstone, and sandy mudstone of undifferentiated Hazelbury Bryan Formation or, where absent, into bedded, finely bioclastic limestone of the Stanford Formation." language=en 
Youngest age
Onshore or offshore?
Identifier"" language=en 
Label"Ringsbury Spiculite Member" language=en 
Alternate label"RIS" language=en 
Is in scheme
Preferred label"Ringsbury Spiculite Member" language=en 

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