Download BGS data to incorporate into your own systems

All our data is available for download as N-Triples to load into your triple store and use in your applications.
Triples are grouped by concept into ".nt" files.
All the triples for each concept are also available together in ZIP archives.

BGS Linked Data is made available for free of charge for commercial, research and public use.
Please acknowledge the material.
ZIP download icon (19 MB)


BGS 1:625000 Digital Geological Map ZIP download icon (13 MB)


BGS Spatial properties (points, bounding boxes, polygons etc.) ZIP download icon (3K)


Classification of all types of earth material or other substance that may be recorded in a geological log or section. ZIP download icon (375 KB)


BGS Geochronology and Chronostratigraphy ZIP download icon (67 KB)


BGS Lexicon of Named Rock Units ZIP download icon (6 MB)