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Earth Material Class (Rock Classification Scheme)

The BGS Earth Material Class scheme is a linked data representation of the BGS Rock Classification Scheme (RCS), which is a corporate standard setting out a practical, logical and robust system for classifying and naming geological materials as they appear at the scale of a single exposure, hand specimen, or thin section.

Classification helps to place materials in a wider geological context, and allows unambiguous and informative formal names to be assigned.

The RCS provides a comprehensive system for classifying and naming geological materials to act as a corporate standard in support of our digital geological maps, data dictionaries, and numerous other geological applications

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    About Earth Material Class

    TitleBGS Earth Material Classes language=en 
    LabelBGS Earth Material Classes language=en 
    DescriptionClassifies all types of earth material (including single rock types, non earth materials and composite lithologies) or other substance that may be recorded in a geological log or section. language=en 
    Is Format Of 
    About BGS Rock Classification Scheme datatype=xsd:anyURI 
    Has part Earth Materials
    Non-Earth Materials (voids, water, etc.)
    Composite Rock Classes
    Created1993-01-01 datatype=xsd:date 
    Date Modified2020-09-28 datatype=xsd:date 
    CreatorBritish Geological Survey
    PublisherBritish Geological Survey
    Identifier"" language=en 
    Bibliographic Citation"British Geological Survey. 2020. The BGS Rock Classification Scheme [Linked Open Data]. Keyworth, Nottingham. Available from" language=en 

    Contains sub-schemes