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York Moraine Member

York Moraine Member ['York Moraine Member'] [''] ['To 50m'] ['York Moraine Member'] ['York Moraine [Obsolete: use YORKM]'] [''] ['stable'] [''] [''] ['Bouldery cobbly gravelly clayey sand and bouldery cobbly gravelly sandy clay with subsidiary gravel and sand and trace laminated clay and silt. Stratified superficial deposits. Occurs onshore. Formed during the Devensian Stage (Quaternary Period) (.116-.0118 Ma BP).'] ['Glacial till comprising sandy clay, clayey sand and clay with erratic pebbles, cobbles and boulders mainly of Carboniferous sandstone and limestone. The Member also includes local deposits of sand and gravel plus local deposits of clay and laminated clay incorporated into the sequence.'] ['The present land surface, which forms an elongated moraine ridge, or unconformable contact with overlying deposits to north and south including the Alne Glaciolacustrine Formation and the Elvington Glaciolacustrine Formation respectively.'] ['Unconformable on bedrock, or pre-existing superficial deposits such as fluvial and glacial deposits.'] [''] ['0.116'] [''] [''] ['YORKM'] [''] ['0.0118'] ['']