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Helm Member

Helm Member ['Base of the lowest reddened laminated siltstone unit where it overlies thickly bedded, unreddened, coarse- to medium-grained sandstone forming the lower part of the Kirkby Moor Formation.'] ['422.7'] [''] ['About 250m'] ['Helm Member'] ['Helm Member'] ['1HELM'] [''] [''] ['419.0'] ['Base of the lowest thick and unreddened sandstone bed from the upper part of the Kirkby Moor Formation.'] ['Laminated siltstone and mudstone with thinly interbedded, fine-grained sandstone that is pervasively reddened.'] [''] [''] ['Siltstone with subsidiary mudstone and sandstone and trace mud-flake conglomerate. Stratified bedrock. Occurs onshore. Deposited during the Pridoli Epoch (Silurian Period) (422.7-419 Ma BP).'] [''] ['stable'] [''] ['']