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Brickearth [Obsolete: use FAEOL]

Brickearth [Obsolete: use FAEOL] ['', '', '', '', '', '', '', ''] ['[Obsolete: use FAEOL] \r\n\r\nVaries from silt to clay, usually yellow-brown and massive. [Generic description].'] ['0.0'] ['Ilford Silt Member', 'Langley Silt Member', 'Banham Member', 'Robins Hill Palaeosol Member', 'Woolpit Beds', 'Roding Silt Member', 'Enfield Silt Member', 'Fluvio-aeolian deposits'] [''] [''] ['Brickearth [Obsolete: use FAEOL]'] [''] [''] [''] ['Brickearth [Obsolete: use FAEOL]'] [''] ['Obsolete name. Clay and silt with subsidiary sand. Superficial deposits. Occurs onshore. Formed during the Quaternary Period (2.58-0 Ma BP).'] [''] ['archaic'] ['2.58'] ['BRK']