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Langley Silt Member

Langley Silt Member [''] ['LASI'] ['Langley Silt Member'] ['Varies from silt to clay, commonly yellow-brown and massively bedded. [Generic description].'] [''] ['Rests on sand and gravel River Terrace Deposits, with sharp base.'] [''] ['', ''] ['At surface.'] ['0.0118'] [''] ['Brickearth [Obsolete: use FAEOL]', 'Langley Silt Formation [Obsolete: use LASI]'] [''] [''] ['Langley Silt Member'] [''] [''] ['1-5m, average 3m.'] ['0.116'] ['stable'] ['Clay and silt. Stratified superficial deposits. Occurs onshore. Formed during the Devensian Stage (Quaternary Period) (.116-.0118 Ma BP).']