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Peterborough Member

Peterborough Member ['Peterborough Member'] ['', ''] ['Lower Oxford Clay [Obsolete Name and Code: Use PET]', 'Lower Oxford Clay Member [Obsolete Name And Code: See PET]', 'Mohuns Park Mudstone Bed'] ['', ''] ['', ''] ['PET'] [''] ['Mainly brownish-grey, fissile, organic-rich (bituminous) mudstones; shelly fauna dominated by crushed aragonitic ammonites and bivalves, including nuculoid and meleagrinella shell-beds. Subordinate beds of pale-medium grey, blocky mudstone. Several bands of cementstone nodules/concretions. Basal beds commonly silty, with Gryphaea-rich shell beds.'] ['Mudstone with subsidiary calcilutite and shelly mudstone. Stratified bedrock. Occurs onshore. Deposited during the Callovian Age (Jurassic Period) (166.1-163.5 Ma BP).'] ["At top of highest brownish-grey, organic-rich mudstone within thinly interbedded lithological transition (up to c.3m thick) to pale grey, calcareous mudstones of overlying 'Middle Oxford Clay' (see Stewartby Member). Inevitably, more or less arbitrary in field mapping."] [''] ['163.5'] [''] ['At top of highest sandstone of underlying Kellaways Formation (this is the best definition for mapping purposes and consistency; a boundary based on the lowest mudstone is more subjective and arbitrary. This boundary is also the lower boundary of the Oxford Clay Formation.'] [''] [''] ['stable'] ['166.1'] [''] [''] ['Peterborough Member'] ['0 - c.65m'] ['']